Saturday, 29 September 2012

AsmResolver is too strong

Yes it's been a very very very long time, but I've been busy with school alot.

Anyway, I had an idea to use AsmResolver for DotNet Resolver, a decompiler I'd created a while ago. So no use of Mono.Cecil, just my own code. And I'd found out it's pretty good. So I obfuscated a program with TUPfuscator, setting the Metadata Obfuscation feature on maximum, and I found out AsmResolver was still able to read it just fine. This comes with a problem for TUPfuscator as you might understand. I need to trick my own decompiler to protect the source =D.

Reading Obfusacted Application with Spices.NET Decompiler

Reading Obfuscated Application with TUP.AsmResolver
Some New Features

The new DotNet Resolver