Monday, 22 October 2012

Floppy program

So I was experimenting with some assembly programming and I came across a tutorial which taught me some things about creating a program that is runnable without windows being loaded yet. I found it very funny because you ain't got functions such as standard procedures from the windows API. So what I did, is creating a virtual floppy file, write the boot program raw onto the floppy and use QEmu to test it out. And here is what I've got so far.

  • Printing text.
  • Clearing screen
  • Changing fore and backcolour
  • Wait for user to press a key.
Yes I know it's not very much, but you see, I'm learning assembly so =D

Sunday, 7 October 2012

DotNet Resolver v3.0 coming!

Hello guys. So because TUPfuscator is now at its beta stage and it's been tested by some people, I decided to work on another project. As you can see at the previous post, I am creating DotNet Resolver 3.0. This doesn't need Mono.Cecil anymore to read an application. Now I'm using my own core, TUP.AsmResolver, which doesn't crash immediately when invalid metadata is detected. It will come out soon =D

Original project:

Some changes:

  • The theme from DotNetBar is removed because it adds about 5 megabytes to the project. And I don't like projects that don't need useless bytes.
  • Mono.Cecil is not used any more. I now use my own core to read an application.
  • Loop detection is improved. DotNet Resolver is able to detect different types of loops (see screenshots). I am busy with the for and foreach loops. They are pretty difficult to detect
  • Resolved applications are added to the treeview.
  • Saves the loaded applications when closing DotNet Resolver. This means if you start up the program again, it will load the last loaded applications again.
  • MC++ is not added yet because of a poor decompilation. I'll add it as soon as possible.