Sunday, 23 December 2012

Experimenting with the JIT

Hello guys,

So I was experimenting with hooking the JIT just in the C# language, and I came up with an idea of creating a debugger-like program which will open a .net application, hook the JIT and then execute the assembly's entry point. Here some pictures of what I have now, using my own core for hooking the compiler and disassembling the method bodies. I'll add the ability of editing the MSIL instructions and method flags too.

Starting an application.

Main screen, left the event log, right the breakpoints
and the lower window the application that's loaded

Reading a method when breakpoint is reached.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Started Code Navigation

Hello guys. So I came up with the idea to add a very awesome feature that many decompilers also have: The ability to navigate by clicking members in the decompiled source code. This means you have links stored in the output decompilation, just like Reflector, ILSpy and several other decompilers have. I've made a start of it and I'm already able to highlight the code and create links. Unfortunately, the c# language is only supported yet :D

Note: The colours look at the moment a lot like reflector has got it. But this is of course editable.