Saturday, 26 January 2013

Suggest a DotNet Resolver Plugin Function!

Hey guys.

So DotNet Resolver Beta 3, my decompiler for .net applications, is about to finish, I just need some good ideas for the plug-in system. The new plug-in system will have a lot more functions to use, there should be just a little bit more. So I'm asking you if you have any idea of a function, please post a reply!

So far I have things like adding and removing controls such as menu items and tab pages. I also have functions that will get the current object and decompilation and language.

I got some suggestions already from other people asking for an interface that allows you to make your own decompilation language or syntax highlighting styles.

Keep in mind when you are posting a reply, don't say things that will conclude an entire program like a deobfuscator. This would be something for the plug-in itself. I'm asking for functions that might come handy for the plug-ins, and not an entire plug-in.

So please post and I might add your suggestion!

See ya