Sunday, 31 March 2013

DotNet Resolver 3.1

Check out the new version of DotNet Resolver! This version consists of the following updates:
Download it here

New Featuers:
  • Extracting *.resources files
  • View Assembly and Module References
  • Edit instructions with member references
Decompiler Fixes 
  • Character numbers are being displayed as a correct character string
  • Html formatting errors fixed
  • Problems with member specifications (arrays, pointers etc.) fixed
  • Switched try and if statements fixed
  • Default (T) keyword added
  • Generic type fixes, need work though.
 Minor bug fixes
  • Resolution nested members fixed.
  • Closing assemblies caused problems, fixed now
  • Patched updater program

Extracting resources

Editing instructions with member references.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

DotNet Resolver and String Searcher plugin

Hey guys

DotNet Resolver is already at it's 8th version, and has made some awesome bug fixes. Be sure you check it out!

Also I made a little preview plugin; the String Searcher. This will add a tab page to DotNet Resolver containing a button that will scan the current assembly for strings that are being used. Once it's finished you can view them in the list below and navigate to the methods by double clicking on the item.

You can download the latest version of DotNet Resolver and the plugin at

Check out the screenshot: