Tuesday, 25 March 2014

LiteDevelop released (finally :3)

Hi everybody,

Been a while but I finally uploaded LiteDevelop to github!

In case you didn't know anything about LiteDevelop yet:
LiteDevelop is a free, light-weight and open-source Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It serves as a light-weight and open-source alternative to Visual Studio and is able to be launched from a removable drive such as USB sticks or SD-cards. Thanks to its extendibility, it provides you with the opportunity to add any features you like, and remove any features you don’t like. Thus giving you more control on how big and heavy the application will be.

Program is far from finished. Expect bugs (especially with the forms designer >_< !).

Gimme teh Screenshots:

Code editor
Forms designer
Re-arrangeable workspace

I hate my bloody Dutch accent but oh well here is a video .____.

Source repository:

Go to the repository, download the source and use one of the batch files to compile the project. An file called LiteDevelop.exe will be created in the Bin\Debug or Bin\Release folder which is relative to the root of the project.

  • Framework 4.0 full version, (not the client profile only!)
Want to contribute? (please do!)
  • Fork the project and solve bugs!
  • Write extension modules / features
  • Write language packs